The Salon, the beginning of it All Before and After Style look.

My second Home…the Salon. 

 Welcome, to  The Hair Show Blogger, we wish you Love, Peace and Hair Grease; “The Super Hair Fighter.”

I am De Derrick, Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger/Creative Marketer 

1379604784776These are the Cybernetic Pages in Hair Designing, Nail Designs and Braids.. and Entertainment and News.

Our on going mission will be to encourage you to look around and even come join us with a Blog or two about your Style or Salon.

I’m your Host, and I’m very happy you took the time to come into The World of the Cybernetic Hair Designs, to visit with us.


Cosmetology has been a good choice for me, one that I will never forget because it added Life to my Life.

 I  was 16 years old and a friend of my ask me could she press n curl my hair.

…I said ok…when she finished I was blown away and loved the look.


I was in my late 40’s after being fired from a landscaping job.

That’s when I decided go to Cosmetology Shool and help others to accomplish their style of look.


  A change from old way of using oil in the hair by using a Silicone and Pure Oil Hair Shine.

Currently, I’’ve been  reconnected with the best hair oil product in town, bringing out the natural shine in your hair.

 It’s called…Leaf of Life Silicone and Pure Oil Hair Shine by far the best.

I’m very familiar when it comes to hair products and understand how they work, and I speak with over 20 years experience and as a license cosmetologist when I take strongly about the Leaf of Life Silicone and Pure Oil Hair Shine products I know what I’m talking about.

Years ago, I was using the product Leaf of Life, with great result, but , somehow or another I lost commutation with my friend Bernard, Genesys  hair products distributor for the product Leaf of Life Silicone and Pure Oil Hair Shine.

One day, by God’s perfect plan of Life I saw Bernard @ the Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars COLOR show, April 20, 2015 @ the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, Mi.


It was good to see Bernard once again…must have been 10 years since I have seen him last.

The first thing after hello was said I asked him…got any Leaf of Life Silicone Oil Shine?

Bernard replays…sure I never leave home without it.

I got some in the trunk of the car…good I reply…I’ll take 12 bottles after the Hair Wars show.

I am now happier than Pharrell Williams could ever be, singing the Leaf of Life Silicone Oil Shine song all the way to the salon to share the Great news about Leaf of Life with my co-workers and clients.

There are a lot ways to use this wonderful oil, but the way that I get the full results of this product… is after the application of the relaxer has stripped the natural oils from the hair.

 Leaf of Life replaces the oils that have been strip away and while your hair facials are open leaf of Life has been infused into the hair by blow drying.

 Leaf of Life is formulated to penetrate the hair shaft and supplying the hair shaft with natural oils directly into your hair shaft.

Apply the Leaf of Life after shampooing and then rinsing of the hair, spray a generous amount to cover the entire head , comb thru, leave in, blow dry and style as usual.

By using the Leaf of Life, my clients and I gain by the feel and look of a style that shines bright with a healthier look of pleasing hair

Last word for today…. if your hair is not pleasing to you call me for me for an appointment or ordering your supply of Leaf of Life and begin to turn your Life around…for your ordering 313.623.3909




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